“Twos” are bursting with energy and taking initial steps towards independence.  Our Butterfly Room, situated at the heart of our Center, welcomes children from 22 months to 3 years.  Age two is a time of transition and further exploration, and our sensitive, energetic caregivers support each child through each new discovery.  The curriculum in the Butterfly Room is thus designed to foster and nurture the transition into symbolic thinking, positive social interactions, and early decision-making.  We offer an environment replete with fun, exciting options and opportunities: children learn to make choices, to navigate through problems and to build relationships of trust with their peers.

Knowing that every child will develop at his or her own pace, our caregivers gently guide children to develop independent life-skills.  Children learn to dress themselves, to set tables, to wash hands, and to ask for help with new or unfamiliar tasks.  Our curriculum also teaches beginner science, math, and verbal skills through creative crafts and other exploratory play.  Typical daily activities are split between new crafts, shared imaginative play, conversation building and, when the weather permits, outdoor exploration.  The caregivers in the Butterfly Room act as positive role models for the children as they explore social interactions and shared play with their peers.  With the caregivers sharing in play and other activities, children safely and securely negotiate difficulties: they actively problem-solve and learn to interact positively and peacefully with others.  The goal of our Butterfly Room is to help your child see him or herself as an independent and capable being, filled with creative and worthwhile expression and joy.  We encourage our children to grow with passion and delight in their surroundings and world.  Our caregivers strive to encourage purposeful and meaningful play in order to bring more purpose and meaning to the world of our twos.

Our vibrant Butterfly Room, at the heart of our Center, beautifully illustrates this special moment in a child’s life.  With the Daisy Room still in view and the activities of the Pre-K program nearby, our twos can feel secure in the “space between”: they are excited to grow beyond these walls but feel the security of the spaces familiar and warm to them.  The Butterfly Room is rich with artwork, crafts, and other displays.  Large tables provide ample opportunity for shared play and socializing, and our large toys are specially designed to invite imaginative interaction from kids at this exciting age.  Call us to schedule a tour of the Butterfly Room!  We would love to invite your child into our fun and friendly group of playmates.


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