Community, friendship, fun: this is what the Pre-K room is all about at Urban Sprouts.  Preschoolers are lively, enthusiastic, and brimming with interests and passions, and in our Pre-K room, children develop their unique sense of self, cheered on by caregivers, peers, and the broader community of the Center.  The children in our Pre-K room are role models for each other and for their younger classmates.  They practice and learn new language, problem-solving, and social skills together.  They shape and create their educational experience under the trusted guidance of experienced caregivers.  They learn to lead, and we support them every step of their journey.

The Pre-K community is diverse and stimulating.  Children take on projects that interest them and share knowledge and skills with their peers.  Learning periods interspersed with nourishing play keep children engaged and challenged.  Each child strives cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally, and is supported at his or her pace.  Beyond the classroom, field trips offer the children a chance to experience exciting new activities in the broader community of St. Louis.  Our Pre-K room encourages compassionate and peaceful play: a respectful and joyful experience of the wide world that surrounds our children.

Our Pre-K room is a bustling hub of the building.  Natural light streams through our windows and helps sustain our many plants and projects.  Fish and small pets encourage responsibility and engender compassion in our preschoolers who care for them.  Schedules and clocks help children learn to effectively organize their time; a range of books, educational toys and comfortable seating provide ample opportunities for free and focused play.  The tables and chairs in our Pre-K room are arranged to encourage social interactions between peers and caregivers, to foster community as we build crafts and complete projects together.  Come visit us for a tour of our Pre-K room!  We would love to welcome your child into our vibrant and growing community!


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