Our Philosophy.

Urban Sprouts believes that the purpose of early childhood education should be to ignite and nurture every child’s natural curiosity and interest in the world around her.  We strive to develop the whole child by providing a warm environment that is both supportive and stimulating.  We understand that children need rich and diverse experiences in order to fully and joyfully engage the world around them.

It is our belief that children learn best in an inspiring environment with dedicated caregivers who nurture the imagination.  The spaces at Urban Sprouts are designed to feel warm, inviting, and cozy — like home.  We offer colorful, richly-textured and vibrant spaces for children to play and think in.  Creative crafts and lively artwork cover our walls.  Woven baskets, wood furnishings, and loose parts create a welcoming and exciting environment.  Spaces for learning are also spaces of reflection, spaces to build in, to share in, and to dream in.  Framed photos of our kids and staff decorate every room.  Urban Sprouts is truly a family.

Children love to play, to laugh, and to dream.  Children also need opportunities to make choices, set limits, and learn consequences through play.  Our caregivers gently guide the children through curricula that help them develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.  Each caregiver embraces his or her role as facilitator, gatherer, nurturer, and guide.  Every child has unique strengths and it is the role of the caregiver to nurture and develop these strengths.   The teachers at Urban Sprouts create classroom environments that are flexible, friendly, and fulfilling.  The role of the teacher is diverse: the teacher must model positive behavior and empathy towards others; the teacher should inspire creativity, imagination, and curiosity; the teacher should be patient, loving, and understanding of the children in her care.

The children of our center teach us every day.  They bring life and warmth to our spaces.  They fill our rooms with laughter.  Their ideas are fresh and inspired daily.  We, reciprocally, love teaching the children, introducing them to new fun, new ideas, and new experiences.  But the learning environment is said to be the third teacher, and we strive to provide the children with an environment that stimulates and encourages them to thrive and grow.  Children are the breath of life in our future — at Urban Sprouts, we love to watch them grow into that future.

Ellicia Qualls, Director


2 Responses to “Our Philosophy”

  1. Jacob Scott Says:

    Excellent. I love your mission and your strive in developing a child to his or her full potential.

    Good Job,

    Jacob Scott

  2. Derris Perkins Says:

    Loved the mission statement, and we will schedule a day to come see you soon. This may be just what our little Brooklyn Skye Perkins needs. She turns one in april….long live good education.

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