At Urban Sprouts we feel it is important to enrich our everyday curriculum by bringing in outside experts to share and to help shape our weekly learning environment.  The following are our extra curricular activities that you can find at both of our locations.

Spanish Class

Beginning foreign language instruction at an early age sets the stage for students’ to develop advanced levels of proficiency in one or more languages. Knowing other languages helps with an understanding of other cultures which is a 21st century skill set that will benefit living in our global society.  Our students ages two and above participate in Spanish class every Wednesday morning to enrich their language learning.

Music & Movement

All age groups enjoy our Music and Movement class on Tuesday mornings.  Music and movement introduces our students to a wide variety of musical genres.  Exposure to a variety of sounds and rhythms is critical to cognitive development in children. Varied exposure leads to language proficiency, spatial reasoning, and temporal reasoning. It also increases understanding of moods, emotions, and other cultures.

Ready Readers

Every Thursday we enjoy the ready readers program that comes to our Midland center.  Trained, passionate volunteers read high-quality books aloud to the classrooms.  Six times during each school year and once during the summer, the volunteer readers also distribute new books for each child to take home and add to their own libraries.

St. Louis County Library

The St. Louis County Library helps to enrich our language centers at our Olive school by bringing library books for us to share and use.  Bringing in outside literature from a library not only increases our language and literacy but helps the children learn respect and consideration for materials that are not their own.  The children enjoy a wide variety of books from the library and look forward to their weekly deliveries.

All Star Sports

Students that sign up can participate in All Star Sports on Fridays.  All Star Sports introduces a new sport or game every week that helps to work on things like eye hand coordination, following sequential directions, taking turns, muscle tone, aerobic activity, flexibility, and cooperation!

*All Star Sports is $7.50 per week. All other extracurricular activities are included in tuition.


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